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North To Alaskas Audrey Bradshaw Baranof Basecamp

Wilderness Base Camp Trips

You’ll be flown by float plane to our isolated camp at Kelp Bay, which is nested under a canopy of giant, ancient spruce and hemlock forest. Enjoy the personal attention of one of our licensed crew. We provide one guide and boat for every two guests.

  • Each day opportunities abound, in every direction.

  • Experience both fresh and salt water fishing.

  • Fish the 5 species of Pacific Salmon – Wrestle a Monster Halibut.

  • Hike in plush green rain forests View the majestic whales and bears.

  • Flyfish one of our world class streams for trout and salmon.

  • Pull crab pots full of Dungeness Crab.

  • Observe Bald Eagles soaring above.

  • Beachcomb for treasures & dig for clams

At our Wilderness Base Camp in Kelp Bay you get to experience nature at its most pristine. Nestled in the old growth forest, sitting right on the fishery, going to sleep at night listening to the whales in the bay, a bonding experience not to be missed.

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Baranof Wilderness Lodge - Kelp Bay Alaska

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