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May 172012

The scream of Bajr our chef’s Hardy reel could be heard from the Baranof Lodge Deck as it emptied 150 yards of backing in one run!

Mark “Bajr” Rosenkranz took of his apron and made of few cast off the dock this afternoon and got yanked by a 40# BLUE WATER brute! Now we might have to fend for our selves in the kitchen!

Mark "Bajr" Rosenkranz , Baranof Lodge

Bajr our chef, 40# King off the dock – Baranof Lodge

Bring on the Summer of 2012

Best fishes

Mike & Sally Trotter


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  One Response to “Bajr our chef, 40# King off the dock”

  1. He should get 3 days off a week during King season, he slaves away while fish swim by. Torture!