Each season when we return to our special spot on planet earth to Baranof Warm Springs Bay; the anticipation of the first King of the season looms in the back of all of our minds. It is an auspices event when the first juicy King Salmon steaks hit the grill and we toast with great confidences the wonderful season to come and pay homage to the sprit of the sport and our blessings to be here.

Last Night Charley hit it off with a nice 22# Cromer with Sally swinging her first successful net job of the season!

King Salmon Baranof Wilderness Lodge Charlie

I then followed it up this morning with a 42 pound slab hooked off our dock!

King Salmon Baranof Wilderness Lodge Mike Trotter

Life is good up here and we are all looking forward to host you and your clients to a very special Alaskan adventure!

Best fishes