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Our Float Trips By Beyond Boundaries Expeditions

Trout on The Chosen River

The Chosen And Tikchick Rivers

Imagine seven days beyond all boundaries, floating through 100 miles of exclusive Alaskan outback while you experience some of the finest fly fishing on this planet. Using our 16 foot rafts with custom frames and floor boards, a personal, licensed guide will take a maximum of 2 guests per boat.

We offer a choice of two of Western Alaska’s greatest rivers in Bristol Bay water shed.

Test your skills on these amazing species:
Leopard Rainbow Trout – Arctic Char – Dolly Varden – Giant Kings, Chum, Pink, Sockeye and Silver Salmon – Grayling and Lake Trout

You will camp in peaceful solitude with superior accommodations each night on special selected gravel bar camp sites. Here, you will enjoy the finest of meals complete with freshly baked desserts and a prime selection of wine. You can even finish your evening with a soothing hot shower!

We are selected as one of the few Outfitters permitted to operate Float Trips down the Chosen River within the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge. Beyond Boundaries Expeditions continues since 1983 to offer the finest in Float Trips into the cream of Alaska’s remote rivers. Test your skills in the land of the midnight sun.

Only a select few have got to experience the true wilds of Alaska. Each trip limited to six people, with 100 miles of winding river to fish over seven days – each day brings yet a bigger smile, clearer thought, a sense of wonder and a really tired arm. An avid fisherman’s dream

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Arctic Grayling The Tikchick River
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