We would like to take this opportunity to thank our good friends and wonderful guides in New Zealand shared their passion and special places with us! We both feel so honored to have had the pleasure of your guidance companionship on our grand adventures in Middle Earth this past December.

 To our Kiwi guides we Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we are counting the days until we return and fish with you again!

Four Seasons Safaris

Our friend Hec Johnston who has a new hip and we can for sure not keep up with him now!

 Middle Earth this past December

Outfitter of the Year with both the Dallas and Houston Safari Clubs; Shane Johnston of Four Seasons Safaris smiles with a grand dry fly take and catch!

 Shane Johnston of Four Seasons Safaris

 Trout Master Kevin Payne of Back Country Trout

 Kevin Payne of Back Country Trout

Great guide and smile ! Our friend  Nevel of Four Seasons Safaris with a New Zealand beauty!

Nevel of Four Seasons Safaris  

 Middle Earth this past December – Four Seasons Safaris